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deniselleb's Journal

Deniselle's Droolateria
19 November
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  • deniselleb@livejournal.com
I'm a 31-year-old woman from Finland. Most of my time is spent dreaming/blogging about actor James Callis. Other than that, I'm working as a phone interviewer (no exciting celebs, just dull surveys), and hope to become a translator/author some day. I'm in an online relationship with an American transman, "Toby", and I love him very much. I also love fiction, Battlestar Galactica (esp Baltar/Six), language, food, and cute animals. I have a black and white cat called Osku, as well as a varying amount of pet snails (and yes, snails are cute!).

I have a James Callis fan blog at http://baltarstar.blogspot.com. My twitter is http://twitter.com/BaltarStar. When I'm not posting here, you can catch me there.